Navigation Menu in IE8


Peter K

My web site ( uses the asp navigation features. By
coincidence I noted the other day that the menu part of the navigation
faature did not show the secondary & tertiary folders, just blanks were
shown. (The breadcrumb system worked as designed.)

On my home computer I loaded the web site into Visual Studio 2008, opened a
page & asked for 'view in browser'. All worked well. My conclusion"
something has corrupted on the remote website. I went (twice!) through a
four hour reinstall of the remote site. Each time the same, the navigation
menu did not show lower directories. I installed a dummy default2.aspx page
with a tree view. Same thing, actually in this case only 'home' showed.

Extremely frustrating. I went to an older desktop, mainly used for home
entertainment today. Its IE8 browser showed the same thing, no navigation.
Then I opened on that machine a left-over virtual Win XP installation, which
was too old to have IE8, indeed it had IE7 installed. I opened the web site
& all showed up fine, the menu & the tree worked just fine.

Does anybody have any ideas what setting in IE8 could possibly prevent the navigation tools to work? And how can I prevent others, using IE8
from running into the same problem on my site? (Target Framework =
Net.Framework 3.5)

Any suggestions will be appreciated,

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