Need Help with Windows.Forms in VS (C#)

Feb 2, 2020
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Hi! I am new to the forum and maybe not so new to coding

I only know C#, but to a very small level (according to me, at least). I can do things like rolling a dice, a russian roulette game where the "bullet" is in a different spot every time you play, (i think) i can work with booleans, and a lot of the basic stuff (Integers, strings, Convtert,To function, decimal (?) and other stuff). I have a very vage idea of how string arrays work and have made a few programs with Windows.Forms. I know this summary of my knowledge is really bad, but hopefully it accomplishes it´s purpose.

What i want to do:

I want to make a multiple-Selection Test with radiobuttons. This test will keep track of your answers (duh) and then, depending on how you answer certain questions, it will add 1 unit to a few different varables. For example: If you were to aswer question 1 with option A, the "Sports" Variable would get a unit added (Sports++), but if you were to answer c, the "Literature" Variable would get a unit added instead. This test will have to versions. but the questions are always going to be the same, only thing that changes are which variables get added a unit and when. It will have no time limit and one should be able to correct a wrong answer. It doesn´t need to be flashy or anything, just understandable for the average user.

What is my problem? I cannot begin to imagine how to do this. I barely understand how panels work in Windows,Forms, and i am not all that good at coding, so i will more likely end up with a mess. I started this project in Console, but that was really bad (i was using like 6 if statements per question and the person i am doing it for isn´t exactly a pro with computers).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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