need reviews on certain tutorials..

Discussion in 'Java' started by broli, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. broli

    broli Guest

    I think this thread can also provide some insight to beginners. I came
    across a very good website that lists many tutorials on java -

    Look into computer languages >> Java>>Core java

    I will list a few eBooks that I particularly found interesting on this
    link. I would be grateful if the experts here can provide some
    comments on these books -

    "Java By Example" by Clayton Walnum

    "Teach Yourself Java Programming in 24 Hours"

    "Teach Yourself Java Programming in 21 Days"

    "Java Au Naturel" link:

    "Java Lecture Notes" link:
    broli, Mar 26, 2008
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  2. And WhoTF are you? If we knew who you were from
    your string of knowleadgable posts to this group,
    we might care what you..
    ..'think', but otherwise, you just seem like the
    latest dumb-ass astro turfer.
    Sure. That insight is 'avoid spammers and
    astro-turfers like (you might avoid) the plague'.
    There's no need to mention what you do
    with your 'puter in the privacy of your
    own home (so long as no innocent pets, or
    children, are involved).
    Spam filters.
    Andrew Thompson, Mar 26, 2008
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  3. broli

    broli Guest

    Im not a spammer. My post history doesn't suggest anything like that
    so please refrain from making baseless allegations. If you have a
    problem, then just don't post.
    broli, Mar 26, 2008
  4. It does as far as I am concerned. According to my newsreader and Google
    groups, you have made precisely three posts under the name 'broli',
    including your reply. Each of the original posts were promoting a
    different web-site. You have made no posts asking a question about a
    Java programming problem. You have made no posts answering a question
    about Java. You also post from a gmail account, as many spammers do.

    To me, your posting history suggests you are not interested in Java,
    only in luring people into clicking adverts that generate revenue for
    you. What I expect to find at the websites you promote is a few
    plagiarised articles and a bunch of Google Ads.

    There must be hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites hosting such
    collections of plagiarised and outdated articles. Almost none are worth
    reading IMO.

    If your posting history is giving a misleading impression of you, you
    have some choices of how to deal with that:

    a) Alter your behaviour and participate in this community in a way which
    builds trust and respect.

    b) Flame me.

    c) Ignore me.
    RedGrittyBrick, Mar 26, 2008
  5. broli

    Lew Guest

    Wow, RGB, you make a compelling case that 'broli' is a spammer.

    broli, this bullshit about "I came across a website" is a red flag for spam.
    If you want to recommend a website to a group that is jaded by dozens of such
    "I found a website" crap, you'll need to reach out a lot better. Quote parts
    of the site, explain how it helped you, and explicitly disavow any personal
    connection with such a site.

    Otherwise, you pretty much convince everyone right up front that you're a
    shill for yet another scam. You should thank Andrew and others who responded,
    if you have a legitimate message, for alerting you to this so you can account
    for it.
    Lew, Mar 26, 2008
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