Nested Flex Objects Afecting Other Nested Flex Objects?

Sep 29, 2020
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Nested flex objects appear to be altering depending on other flex objects nexted within other elements. I've been working with HTML/CSS for sometime now, but I'm fairly new to flex and I just don't understand how they are affecting one and other.

If you notice on this page,object with the dounut-pie chart in, it is how it should look, however on the elemtn next to it, it is causing the title container to be that entire containers hight, pushing all within down.
- View Here

I did not realise this at first, and then when I went and added the styling to the table, the table looks how it should but breaks the above element!
- View Here

This has been baffling me and I have tried numourous things to resolve, however there is just something I am not understanding here, questioning whether flex is for me and if this is the wrong way of doing it or whatnot?


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