nested masterpages



Hello. A newbie here asking a question (or more) about nested masterpages.
I have a simple masterpage across the top of the screen. In the masterpage
there are going to be href links to different webapps that will be developed
in the coming year. These links would open up those different webapps.

Now, below the masterpage will be the webapps that would open. The above
masterpage has the css already in it for the nested masterpage style. I am
able to develop the one nested masterpage without difficulty. What I need to
know is for each of the different nested mastepages, how do I open them with
the href link in the masterpage? Or is my thought process for accomplishing
this incorrect? As of now this is my only sticking point.

I have never attempted a website (not project) that would go beyond one
webapplication so any assistance is appreciated. Links, samples, examples,
papers are also good.

Thank you...John




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