masterpages with masterpages



Hello. Just to forewarn you I am a newbie at so the situation and
issue might be simple so my apologies but googling is not getting my quandry

To set the background, I have been given the task of converting the ms
access dbs over to (using C#). I am using the File > New > Project
(web app). I was planning to use a portal for them all plus any future
development (which there will be). The masterpage in the portal is simple in
construction with a row for links, a row with the logo in it, and a row of
buttons (or links). The row of buttons below the logo would be what opens
each of the different apps. So the logo header is the master of the
masterpages. Click one of the buttons and the selected application would
open with another masterpage with menu on left and content on the right. The
header of the opened webapp masterpage is just the app name. The menu on the
left changes the info on the right (such as gridviews, buttons, what the user
will interact with, etc.). Click another menu button below the logo and
another webapp opens. It would have a different look to it (masterpage) so
the users will be able to distinguish between the different webapps.

In VS2008 it shows a checkbox to select master pages when creating a new
webform on a File > New > Website. For the project, I was not seeing the
checkbox to select. So my first thought was I am using the wrong method for
developing and should be using website instead of project. But the project
allows for projects to be added and VS organizes them.

So, I started to question myself whether I am really nesting masterpages but
rather a masterpage for the entire portal that the users will see at all
times and each webapp has its own masterpage for display that each user will
see and be able to distinquish between the different webapps. So I'm not
actually inheriting anything from the portal masterpage for the webapp
masterpages. Making the use of the File > New > Project as the correct

I am at a loss as to how the portal masterpage interacts with another
projects masterpage? I saw the Web Content Form but that works with
masterpage only. Can someone fill me in as to how one project masterpage can
be used with another masterpage? Such as the portal masterpage opening
webappA's masterpage? Samples, examples, and links are good.

Thanks.... John


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