Net::LDAP Next Release & Project Governance


Austin Ziegler


I. The next release of Net::LDAP will be on 2011.03.21. If you have
any bugs that you want addressed in this release, we need patches on
GitHub *now*. The repo for this release is

II. The next release (0.2) is changing from Ruby's license (Ruby +
GPL) to MIT licensing.

III. I have started a discussion about the project's governance.
Specifically, I am withdrawing as the 'godfather' of the project;
Net::LDAP needs more than a godfather figure and I have neither the
time, the expertise, nor the inclination to be that for this project.
As noted in the discussion (linked below) there's one person to whom I
will give the leadership mantle to without a vote, but otherwise we
are having a vote in the next couple of weeks and then I am
withdrawing from the project. The discussion has been started at
Please note that you MUST be a member of the ruby-ldap mailing list to

Austin Ziegler =95 (e-mail address removed) =95 (e-mail address removed) =95


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