Subject: [ANN] rubypython 0.5.1 Released


Austin Ziegler

rubypython version 0.5.1 has been released!

RubyPython is a bridge between the Ruby and Python interpreters. It embeds =
running Python interpreter in the Ruby application's process using FFI and
provides a means for wrapping, converting, and calling Python objects and

RubyPython uses FFI to marshal the data between the Ruby and Python VMs and
make Python calls. You can:

* Inherit from Python classes.
* Configure callbacks from Python.
* Run Python generators (on Ruby 1.9.2 or later).


### 0.5.1 / 2011-03-17
* Major Enhancements:
* Procs and methods can be passed to Python. [raineszm]
* Python to Ruby inheritance: A Ruby class can inherit from a Python clas=
(EXPERIMENTAL). [steeve]
* The Python library can now be reloaded (EXPERIMENTAL). There is a good
chance of a segfault if this is used with a native extension. [raineszm=
* Python functions and methods can be called with a terminal exclamation
point to enable keyword argument processing in Python (EXPERIMENTAL). [=
* Minor Enhancements:
* Improved Python generator support. [steeve]
* PythonError now inherits from RuntimeError. [halostatue]
* Added a Py_REFCNT macro for debugging reference counting. [tmm1]
* Changes:
* Moved to RSpec2. [halostatue]
* Moved Rakefile to hoe; added autotest. [halostatue]
* Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a reference counting bug that could crash the Python VM. [steeve]
* Fixed a memory leak/reference counting bug related to method invocation
(when turning the argument list into a tuple, PyList_SetItem steals
references). Depends on FFI 1.0.7 (or higher) with modifications to
aggressively free temporary Python objects created. [tmm1]
* Restored Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility where possible. [halostatue]
* Fixed FFI loader to be more robust and do more through FFI. [halostatue=
* Fixed documentation errors. [halostatue]
* Project Management:
* Rupy has been merged back into RubyPython.
* Made the project website on RubyForge generatable from the readme and a
template. Adopted the 960 grid system and modern CSS techniques.
* Added a contributors document.
Austin Ziegler =95 (e-mail address removed) =95 (e-mail address removed) =95


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