New object using values by default



function Base(x, y) { this._zero=0,0; this.x=x; this.y=y; }

I want to create an object of two ways:

+ Passing values

var b = new Base(2, 3)

(This way works)

+ Using the values that are in '_zero'. For that example, 0 should be
passed to 'x', and another 0 to 'y'.




You might try:

   function Base(x, y) {
     this.default = {x:0, y:0};
     this.x = typeof x == undefined? this.default.x : x;
     this.y = typeof y == undefined? this.default.y : y;

Or some other suitable test for the values passed to x and y. You could
also use a getter:

   Base.prototype.getX = function() {
     return this.x == undefined? this.default.x : this.x;

and so on.
And to do it more generic:

function T(_z) { this._z={};
} = function() {
var m = {};

for (k in this._z) {
m.k = this._z[k];
return m;


T.prototype.Point = function(x, y) {
this._z={x:0,y:0}; this.x=x; this.y=y;
T.prototype.Sum = function(a, b) {
this._z={a:0,b:0}; this.a=a; this.b=b;

var p = new Point(12, 10);
var p2 = new Point().zero();

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