Newbie - Boa Constructor, wxPython problem running Boa

Discussion in 'Python' started by Anbeyon, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Anbeyon

    Anbeyon Guest

    Hi all

    I am a Newbie to the world of Python, wxPython and Boa. Please
    forgive me if there is a really obvious answer to this one.

    I am trying to get Python, wxPython and Boa all to install on my
    Windows XP machine.

    I have both Python and wxPython running. However, when I launch Boa I
    get an error message;

    An 'Error On Startup' dialog/message box is displayed that says;
    'module' object has no attribute 'NotebookSizer'
    (Output on the console window is at the end of this message incase
    that helps.....)

    I click OK and everything closes.

    I have the following setup;

    installed using python-2.5.msi from

    wxPython for Python2.5
    installed using

    Boa Constructor
    installed using boa-constructor-0.4.4.win32.exe

    Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts as to what the problem might be ?

    The only thing I'm wondering is that instead of installing on my c:
    drive in installed on my d: drive ????

    Thanks in advance


    Starting Boa Constructor v0.4.4
    importing wxPython
    reading user preferences
    running main...
    importing Models.Controllers
    importing Models.EditorModels
    importing Views
    importing Views.SourceViews
    59: Deprec
    ationWarning: The wxPython compatibility package is no longer
    automatically gene
    rated or actively maintained. Please switch to the wx package as soon
    as possib
    import # needed names from 2.4 for config files
    importing Explorers.ExplorerNodes
    importing Companions
    importing PropertyEditors
    importing Companions.FrameCompanions
    importing Companions.WizardCompanions
    importing Companions.ContainerCompanions
    importing Companions.SizerCompanions
    Anbeyon, Apr 5, 2007
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  2. Anbeyon

    kyosohma Guest

    I haven't had much luck with Boa Constructor either. Here's a forum
    post on the same issue that might help you though:

    You may want to try wxGlade, VisualWx, PythonCard, Dabo or Stani's
    Python Editor (SPE). Stani's, wxGlade, PythonCard and Dabo are
    mentioned often on the wxPython user's group.

    kyosohma, Apr 5, 2007
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