Object is not missing constant

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Klaus Ethgen, May 22, 2014.

  1. Klaus Ethgen

    Klaus Ethgen Guest

    Hello folks,

    I try to get webistrano working on debian (currently ubuntu) system. I
    installed all dependencies that I found about but I still have troubles.

    Now I get the "error" message "Object is not missing constant
    Webistrano!". This message sounds really stupid. I mean, I would have
    understand _if_ a constant is missing, but having _not_ missing a
    constant couldn't be an error, could it?

    I know that webistrano is somewhat dead but unfortunately my company
    depends on it.

    It would be also nice to get some way to debug it. As webistrano is run
    via passenger, there is no real good way (I know) to debug it.

    I searched for this error but did not find any helpfull answers. I would
    appreciate to get a hint for how to debug this stuff.

    -- Klaus
    Klaus Ethgen, May 22, 2014
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