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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Jacqueline, Sep 24, 2003.

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    I am using Javascript and PHP as the server side language with a MySQL
    database, and testing under IE6. On the website (www.cooljools.biz),
    I have a form which is basically a list of items with a button next to
    each one to allow the customer to add or remove the item from their
    shopping cart.

    Each time the user adds or removes an item, that item is stored, or
    removed from respectively a Javascript array. I also have a frame on
    the left which gives the customer an easy way to navigate the site.
    What I need to do is run some PHP when the user clicks on one of the
    buttons in the frame.

    However, because the user could press any of the buttons, adding the
    code to the beginning of all of these files seems like going the long
    way round the problem, so I started looking at the onUnload event.

    The onUnload event fires when the user clicks on one of the buttons
    (therefore sending the document.location to a new place), however in
    between I need to run the PHP. PHP can (as far as I am aware) only be
    run from submitting a form so this would be sending the
    document.location to the current page.

    The computer therefore avoids the PHP form, and goes straight to the
    new page probably because it got that call first. I need to know how
    to stop it and ensure it runs the PHP stuff before it gets to the page
    clicked on.

    Hope this all makes sense.


    Jacqueline, Sep 24, 2003
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