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Borked Pseudo Mailed

Hey, bud.

Your thread may be off-topic, but so were those discussions
about grammar and US software patents that certain regulars
had going on this newsgroup. At least you were kind enough
to stick the "(OT)" in there.

There are a couple of ways you can make similar threads more
on-topic in future:

1. Add the question "How would this conversion be written in
C?" at the end of your post.

2. My personal favorite is a post like the following:

Is the following a good commenting style:

/* I'm replacing my 1971 Cutlass Supreme which has a 350 cubic inch V-8. It
* has terrific pick-up! When they talk about "liters" in the new cars, how
* many liters correspond to my 350 V-8? What kind of new car would have the
* zip this old Cutlass has?

Then people who welcome a slight diversion among their peers could reply
with something like the following:

Hmm, that's OK, but I prefer C99 comments:

// Well, you'd convert those units by...

Han from China


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