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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by ApplePlexy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. ApplePlexy

    ApplePlexy Guest

    I was suprised to have no replies to the following... couild anyone suggest
    a more appropriate group to post it? It's doing my head in lol

    "I have been designing an ASP website on and off for a while for a local
    academy, It's searchable, has random elements and has all info including
    image targets (simple text recall from the database)located in an access
    database. All has been well for a while until recently SOME people can't see
    any images in one section of the site. (select any image to goto the artist
    page or use this link, to go
    straight to a problem page.). I have accessed this section on four separate
    machines (including a computerised cash-till!) and had no trouble viewing
    images. I cant begin to think what the problem might be, I suspect that my
    web-host has relocated their severs recently and reasigned certain
    permissions on the database directory (I think), which is something i'll
    address later today, but the fact that some can see images and some can't
    baffles me. All other infor displays corrently on these pages and are read
    from the same database - its just the images that don't show. All have used
    internet explorer and i have used explorer, netscape and mozilla without any

    ApplePlexy, Feb 14, 2006
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  2. This is a clue that this is not an asp issue, which explains why no one in
    this group has attempted to answer it. ASP is server-side technology which
    simply generates the html that is sent to the client machines. Once the user
    is viewing the page in the browser, it is totally outside the realm of ASP.
    Client-side issues like this are almost always related to browser/OS issues
    that are unlikely to be diagnosed in a newsgroup. Hands-on diagnosis is the
    only way to get to the bottom of this type of issue, which may have entirely
    different solutions on each of the machines experiencing the problem.

    However, you might try coompiling the characteristics of each of the
    machines experiencing the problem, see if you can come up with any
    similarities and post to a newsgroup devoted to the browser or OS that most
    exhibits the symptom. Google may also help ....

    Bob Barrows
    Bob Barrows [MVP], Feb 14, 2006
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  3. ApplePlexy

    ApplePlexy Guest

    Thanks for responding - I accept that it's not an ASP issue, although as it
    only seemed to be happening on the most ASP intesive page on the site I
    wondered if I'd missed something.- given that on some machines the HTML
    isn't being generated correctly. Good advice to turn me from an ASP
    newsgroup however, I'll try a general webdesign/browser group as you

    Thanks again.
    ApplePlexy, Feb 14, 2006
  4. Well that's new information. Is that the cause of the symptoms? i mean, is
    the incorrect html something that all the machines exhibiting the symptoms
    have in common?
    If so, let's have some more details.

    Bob Barrows
    Bob Barrows [MVP], Feb 14, 2006
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