Discussion in 'Perl' started by Bill Cunningham, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Now what is the difference in perl programs and perl modules? I see ::
    alot. This is coming from a guy who taught himself Basic at around 15 yo and
    left interpreters after that. Now the only translators I really use are
    compilers. Hince I then went to C++ and then to C and I have pretty much
    stuck there. But I have been reading about Perl and it seems to have a nice
    flow to it. It might be easier to learn than C is for me. C++ ? No problem.
    Basic? No problem. C ? Confusing. The language I really want to learn. I

    Can someone give me a quick rundown on perl ? What kind of translators
    does it run on? What are perl scripts and modules.

    Bill Cunningham, Jul 30, 2007
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  2. Bill Cunningham

    Jim Gibson Guest

    Perl programs are stand-alone scripts. Perl modules are packages that
    can be used by other Perl programs (or modules). The '::' is the
    package::variable syntax. The variable $x, if declared inside package P
    may be accessed as $P::x outside of package P. See 'perldoc perlmod'
    for how to use and create Perl modules.

    Perl runs on many systems. The current version does not use external
    translators (I am not sure what you are asking here). Perl has a
    built-in compiler that translates the source code to an internal form,
    then executes that using its built-in interpreter.

    I recommend a good book for learning Perl. You should also consult
    'perldoc perlfaq2' "Obtaining and Learning about Perl".

    FYI: this newsgroup is defunct. Try comp.lang.perl.misc in the future.
    Jim Gibson, Jul 31, 2007
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