php functionality in asp?


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i got into asp as a hobby, its not something i do for a living just
something i enjoy. anyway, at the moment i dont really have any projects on
so ive come up with the idea of going through the functions list of php and
creating this these same functions for use in asp.

now, my first question is.

hello all,

if i wanted to include this functionality in all my future projects, what
would be the best way to impliment them?

i dont want to have to include an include file for each function in the
libarary, so i was thinking more like making them into a dll. but then i
also dont want to have to create an object to use each seperate function. i
would be happy enough to create the object at the start of each script, and
distroy it at the end or.

my second question is.

would it be too inificiant to store this object as an application object?


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