Please help regarding setting gridview in edit mode dynamically

May 20, 2012
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I have to create Nested Gridview with controls to be attached to each of them dynamically.
so what i have done is that in parent gridview i have two <asp:templateField>'s with first one having expand,collapse image logic and second template having <asp:Gridview></asp:Gridview>.
At runtime,i m creating boundfields and inserting between those two templatefields making inner gridview template at the last to fulfill the requirement.
Currently,i m working on Edit and Update rows which i have to do it dynamically.By googling through net i found that setting gridview.editindex=e.neweditindex will automatically placed gridview in editmode( yes its happening but in textbox controls only).
I have to bind gridview cells with another controls like 'Dropdownlist' with selected data bind to dropdown list.
How should i do that and in which event it is possible.
(for reference follow below link


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