Print a document without showing it? I'm almost there... but...

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Julius Mong, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Julius Mong

    Julius Mong Guest

    Dear all, I have :

    function printPage() {

    setTimeout("top.printer.focus();top.printer.print();", 5000);

    in a frame called right in ta frameset:

    <frameset cols="150,465,185,*" bordercolor='#ffffff' border='0' >
    <frame name='left' src='left.html' scrolling='auto' border='0' />
    <frame name='center' src='page.html' scrolling='no' border='0' />
    <frame name='right' src='right.html' scrolling='auto' border='0' />
    <frame name='printer' src='blank.html' scrolling='auto' border='0' />

    Now I run the function printPage in right.html to load an svg document in
    printer frame and then gain focus and print it. If I set the cols to 150, *,
    185, * (i.e. showing the printer frame in the viewable win area) then it
    prints fine with the svg loaded, but if i did just 150,465,185,* (i.e. not
    showing the printer frame), no matter how long I wait for hte SVG to load
    using setTimeOut it will print a blank page...

    Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Or am I out of luck here?

    Thanx, Jules
    Julius Mong, Apr 17, 2004
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