Problem loading word document from



Hi Gurus,

I have a web application from which l am trying to publish word
documents (i.e. display the web page in word).

First, l get the problem during load message box with missing files
listed. These files are .css files that are not referenced anywhere
on the web page.

Second, the document is displayed with the design bar displayed on
with 'top of form' showing at the top with a textbox showing the
viewstate value below that. At the bottom there is a 'end of form'
displayed. l believe this has to do with the <form runat=server/> tag
every web page should have.

How do l resolve the these issues? I have set pagestyletheme in
web.config but in the web page that l am trying to export to word has
enabletheme set to false. I am also using a master page although the
printed web page does not use it.

I have played around with the idea of using WordML and writing the
template directly into the web page, but l donot know for sure how
that will work out.



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