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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by ajcrm125, May 29, 2009.

  1. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    Ok you Java's my situation:

    I'm using drupal with the following theme:

    Notice the drop down menus on the top. Those are implemented by the
    theme developer via javascript found here:

    Now, I went and added a crossfading banner as opposed to the static
    one. I used the code from here:

    It worked fine, BUT..... the drop down menus drop down behind the
    banner... not in front of it.
    Any ideas as to how I can get the menus to drop down in front of the

    Thanks guys...
    ajcrm125, May 29, 2009
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  2. ajcrm125

    Stevo Guest

    The Java gurus are probably hanging out in Java forums.
    Stevo, May 29, 2009
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  3. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    A Java guru can't help here.

    Oops, again.
    Imagine that. Sure sounded like you knew what you were doing.
    No. You are likely screwed. Can you spot your mistake(s)?
    You are welcome.
    David Mark, May 29, 2009
  4. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    Wow... I've been doing software and hardware development for 20+ years
    with the absence of javascript. Was looking to get even a little
    guidence. Maybe something like considering the z-index of the object
    perhaps (a hint from one of the other groups I posted the same
    question on. This is the first time I've ever asked a question and
    got that kind of response. Wow...

    I'll know better than to post to this group next time. Yikes.

    In my experince, the only thing worse than someone who doesn't know
    something about a specific topic is someone who does... but isn't
    willing to share it. For all intents and purposes... that developer
    doesn't know it either, and is pretty much useless to the community.
    ajcrm125, May 30, 2009
  5. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    You got it. Look for the glowing exit sign. Apparently you have
    never even used Javascript. Rearranging the works of John Resig and
    other dubious sources can't lead to anything good.
    See, that was just a red herring. If you remove jQuery and/or the DD
    scripts, you will go back to having a working site.
    Of course.
    So much for pathos.
    David Mark, May 30, 2009
  6. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    See, that was just a red herring. If you remove jQuery and/or the DD
    No.... actually it did work. A simple z index tweak and all is well.
    ajcrm125, May 31, 2009
  7. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    LOL. You forgot to post that in your original message. That was
    mistake #1. That's why nobody else answered.

    And all can't be well with either of those scripts. We know about
    jQuery, which has been unceremoniously dumped into this Drupal
    "theme", and as for the DD script:

    "The cool fading effect works in IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2,
    while all other browsers such as Opera 8 will simply skip the effect
    but continue to display the images. Rock on with the ultimate fade in
    slideshow script!"

    var dom=(document.getElementById) //modern dom browsers
    var iebrowser=document.all

    And seeing as you ignored the posting guidelines by not searching the
    archive for "fade", you missed the numerous examples already posted
    (some by me.) Apparently you missed the jQuery reviews as well. Then
    you posted an incomplete question, which nobody answered. On being
    clued in about the scripts involved, which preclude any chance of
    success, you enumerated your "qualifications" for judging and
    implementing third-party scripts along with various beefs against the

    In short, you haven't done that church any favors by clogging up its
    site with jQuery and perhaps the worst fade script in history. You
    didn't do your homework and it shows in your result.

    Until you can understand your mistakes, you aren't going to learn
    David Mark, May 31, 2009
  8. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    Until you can understand your mistakes, you aren't going to learn
    I agree 100%. Only problem is, you didn't have the patience to simply
    point them out to me.

    We all know how you chose to respond to the original question... but
    for example, let's see how you 'could' have responded:

    Hold on AJ... if you have a Java question, you are in the wrong
    place. Check out the Java newsgroups.
    But if this is a javascript question.. go ahead.
    Thanks for the links but please post a link to 'your' site so we can
    help you out.
    You may want to do some homework and search on the newsgroups on this
    fading effect you're looking at. If you look at the comments, you'll
    see that it's only supported by IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2. In
    fact, I myself have posted directly on this topic, including the
    validity of jQuery. Be sure to read those topics as well.... you'll
    find that this solution may work but it certainly may not be the best.
    It could be a z-index issue but again.... do some research on jQuery
    and on the fade script you are trying to implement.
    There's better solutions out there.


    I don't see how anyone can 'learn' anything without constructive
    dialog, which was completely absent in your first reply.
    In fact by your response your are implying that the forums are not a
    place to learn anything... but rather you need to already know
    everything about the subject matter (in detail) before you should
    post. Which defeats the educational benefits of a newsgroup in my

    ajcrm125, May 31, 2009
  9. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    Or maybe I didn't have the time. Or maybe there's dozens of these
    sorts of posts that float in every day. Or maybe you forgot that I
    was the only one that answered at all.
    You are wasting time. We all know how you feel about newsgroups.

    David Mark, May 31, 2009
  10. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    You are wasting time.  We all know how you feel about newsgroups.
    Actually I love'em and use them all the time. Search on 'ajcrm125'...
    you'll find me.
    If you look above you'll see my comments were with respect to 'this'
    newsgroup in response to your 'answer'.
    And the more dialog there is between us, Merk, the more I'm thinking
    this newsgroup may actually have a general desire to help out those
    less educated/experienced in javascript whereas you do not.

    And I guess that begs the question as to why you replied in the first
    place. It appears it was for no other reason than for you to rub your
    experience (in addition to my lack thereof) in my face.
    ajcrm125, May 31, 2009
  11. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    Your conduct *here* wouldn't fly in any newsgroup.
    There you go thinking again. I have answered you (several times now),
    even did a bit of your homework for you, while everyone else here
    ignored you (justifiably.)
    Stop wasting time wondering why I was the only one to help you.
    David Mark, May 31, 2009
  12. ajcrm125

    ajcrm125 Guest

    Your conduct *here* wouldn't fly in any newsgroup.
    ??? Asking a question and getting offended when someone insults you
    without cause?
    I'm confident the other members are able to see through your attempt
    to twist the truth.
    ajcrm125, May 31, 2009
  13. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    More like asking a *stupid* question, which sat for days unattended
    and then getting offended when someone gives you the only correct
    answer, which could have saved you a lot of time.
    I'm confident nobody cares. Have you burned up enough time here,
    now? How goes the jQuery abatement?
    David Mark, Jun 1, 2009
  14. ajcrm125

    David Mark Guest

    Actually, looking back, you got pretty fast service. Notice how
    nobody has helped you since (hint; you got the right answer the first
    David Mark, Jun 1, 2009
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