Problem with my forms authentication



In my mvc application, I am using forms authentication with my
custom membership provider.

One a user enters the wrong user name / password, an error message is
shown on the Login page.

But, when a user enters the correct user name / password, no error
message is displayed the Login page refreshes and stays there, the
user doesn't get redirected to view page1 as I have

return Redirect(returnUrl);

in the login action of controller.

Actually, even the debugger doesn't go to my action method where I
have break points. I am using vs2010 on windows vista enterprise

I know this might be too little information to tell, but if I have to
type up in great details, people think it is too much to read.

What would you guess that is causing the debugger not going into my
break points of the Login action method? It does go to other break





We'll need more info.
Could you give us the declaration of your login control in your web page,
the authentication and authorization (if possible) of your web.config file
and the name of the method where you have put return Redirect(returnUrl)


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