Process.Start... started process not executing any code

Aug 20, 2010
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I am calling a simple console application (exe) using process.start...

Within this application, I am writing events to the event log. For the sake of simplicity, let's pretend that is ALL this app does.

I have c# code behind running on click of a button in an web form.

1. Click button, 2. Button code does process.start... 3. exe gets called 4. Event log has entries.

This process works great when running it on the server. I see the exe start in the background, and exit. Then I see the event logs I created.

When I visit the webside this code is deployed on.. meaning through the browser of another computer miles away.. This is what happens. (I have a vpn open and using RDP to connect to my server to view what's happening). When I click the button, my exe IS started on the server. It hangs, and never exits without ending task on the server. NO entry is written to the event log. So, the exe starts, but does not seem to be executing any code.

I am impersonating in my site as an administrator. I set ASP.NET to be able to interact with the desktop. I set permissions on the exe itself to allow access to anyone. I am also impersonating the process by doing essentially Run-As when using process.start... So, the exe when it runs on the server IS started by Administrator. I do not see any reason why the code in that exe will not execute when run from anywhere other than the server. Please help.


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