Programming Noob Chris Pine Tutorial sorting without use ofarray.sort method

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by whisperjim, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. whisperjim

    whisperjim Guest

    I'm working through the following tutorial
    (recommended by the official Ruby site)
    as a starting point and I've got to chapter 7 and struggling with the
    following assignment........

    " Let's write a program which asks us to type in as many words as we
    want (one word per line, continuing until we just press Enter on an
    empty line), and which then repeats the words back to us in
    alphabetical order. OK? "

    Now I'm supposed to do this without any .sort method and the chapters
    I've covered so far (1 ~ 7) have not covered method creation,
    Classes,Blocks or Procs, so the challenge is to solve the assignment
    without using them.

    Now I've written a program but I think the basic 'mental model' is
    flawed, I say this because of the results I'm getting.

    If I use the following input [ q w e r t y ] I end up with [ e q r t w
    w ] and the input [ z x c v b ] end up as [ b b b b b ].

    If my mental model is o.k, then my code must be wrong, but I'm stumped
    at to where.

    # concept - store words in 1st array (words_array). Find the
    'smallest' word alphabetically by selecting the last word (call it
    wordCheck) and compare with the first word, second word and so on.....
    and exchange the value of wordCheck with the other word (1st/2nd...
    word) if the other word value happens to be less. Start the checking
    again with the first word, second word.... and so on until a counter
    has been reached (counter equal to current length of first unsorted
    array). Once the counter has been reached, put the value of wordCheck
    into a second array (sortedWords_array) and delete wordCheck value
    from first unsorted array (words_array) and repeat until words_array
    is empty.

    puts 'Type in as many words as you want and once you\'ve had enough,
    just \'enter\' a clear line.'

    words_array = [] # create 1st array called words_array to store users
    unsorted values

    loop do
    input = gets.downcase.chomp # take the user input, remove the
    'enter' off the tail and lower the case and call ...
    break if input.empty? # .. it 'input' , break from the loop if
    'input' is equal to empty
    words_array << input # push 'input' to the words_array


    wordCheck = words_array.last # wordCheck is equal to the last 'input'
    stored in the words_array
    rotateCounter = 0
    sortedWords_array = [] # create 2nd array to contain 'sorted' values

    until words_array.length == 0 # exit once no words left in the first
    unsorted array

    while rotateCounter <= words_array.length # exit if rotate counter
    greater than words contained within first array
    if words_array[0] >= wordCheck # continue if first word in 1st array
    greater or equal to wordCheck value

    words_array.push words_array.shift # rotate the first unsorted
    rotateCounter = rotateCounter + 1 # add 1 to counter

    else wordCheck = words_array[0] # replace current value (wordCheck)
    with 'smaller' word
    rotateCounter = 0 # reset counter to zero


    sortedWords_array.push wordCheck # add wordCheck value to 2nd array

    until wordCheck = words_array.last # rotate first array until a
    matching ..
    words_array.push words_array.shift # .. value found at the back of
    the first array
    words_array.pop # remove the last value contained within the 1st
    rotateCounter = 0 # reset rotate counter
    wordCheck = words_array.last # replace current value of wordCheck
    with new last word from 1st array
    puts sortedWords_array # print values within 2nd array, which should
    be in low to high alphabetical order

    Guidance greatly appreciated.
    whisperjim, Nov 27, 2008
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  2. Hi,

    so If I'm correct what you are looking for is mistake in your sort code,
    right? (because - to be honest, I don't really understand why (except make
    it an excercise for you) you do not look in google for sorting algorithms.
    One you described looks similar to Bubble sort. There are many others, bubble
    sort is most easies one and very slow but easy to implement.)



    Vladimir Fekete, Nov 27, 2008
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  3. whisperjim

    Hugh Sasse Guest

    That line doesn't do what you think it does. Took me a while to spot, with
    lots of printing stuff out.
    Here's a clue:
    # exit once no words left in the first unsorted array
    Hugh Sasse, Nov 27, 2008
  4. whisperjim

    Todd Benson Guest


    a = my_word_array
    sorted = []
    while !a.empty?; sorted << a.delete(a.min); end

    Todd Benson, Nov 27, 2008
  5. whisperjim

    List.rb Guest

    List.rb, Nov 28, 2008
  6. whisperjim

    List.rb Guest

    Although this looks cleaner I think..

    sorted << a.delete(a.min) until a.empty?
    List.rb, Nov 28, 2008
  7. Fails when there are duplicates.

    a = %w(one two three two four)
    sorted = []
    while !a.empty?; sorted << a.delete(a.min); end
    p sorted

    Try this:

    ary = %w(bubble sort is so cute and quaint and
    slow and it's so simple that even I can remember
    the algorithm)
    swapped = true
    while swapped do
    swapped = false
    if ary > ary[i+1]
    ary[i,2] = ary[i,2].reverse
    swapped = true
    p ary
    William James, Nov 28, 2008
  8. whisperjim

    Todd Benson Guest

    Absolutely. But, read the question again. It's ambiguous if words
    can be duplicated or not in the result. I thought about this for a
    little while, and that's why I said "Cheating..."

    Todd Benson, Nov 29, 2008
  9. whisperjim

    Todd Benson Guest

    I like that!

    Todd Benson, Nov 29, 2008
  10. whisperjim

    Sam Howes Guest

    your original code worked fine for me except you just have to add
    another = after wordCheck to compare rather than to assign
    Sam Howes, Aug 31, 2009
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