Progressive restriction on enumerated types in Owl

Discussion in 'XML' started by David R. Throop, May 6, 2005.

  1. How does one progressively restrict enumerated types in Owl?

    I've got an ontology of function-terms. I want to map
    English-language terms (as strings) to the function terms. I want to
    restrict the mapping as I go down the hierarchy. In the (very
    stripped down) example, FUNCTION can map to any of the four terms, but
    its sub-sub-subclass INCREASE_QUANTITY only maps to 'produce.'


    FUNCTIONS happen | convert | produce | consume
    PROCESSES convert | produce | consume
    CHANGE_QUANTITY produce | consume

    The reference at
    shows me how to enumerate the possible values for the Mapped term.
    But I don't see how I can restrict it as I go down the tree.

    Any ideas, suggestions?

    And is comp.text.xml a good place to ask this?

    David Throop
    David R. Throop, May 6, 2005
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