puzzling error in script that copies files before processing them

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by Ted, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I have a script that copies certain files before processing them. Here
    is what I have tried:

    # $copy_cmd = "copy $holdings_source $holdings_dest";
    # qx/$copy_cmd/;
    copy( $holdings_source, $holdings_dest ) or die "Copy failed: $!";

    # $copy_cmd = "copy $transactions_source $transactions_dest";
    # qx/$copy_cmd/;
    copy( $transactions_source, $transactions_dest ) or die "Copy failed:

    In one trial, I used the set of statements that are commented out, and
    in the second, I use the other two. The result is the same.

    Parameter format not correct - "FVA".
    Parameter format not correct - "FVA".

    Obviously, there is one error statement for each attempt to copy a

    The contents of the variables holding the file names are:

    holdings destination file = C:/FVA/data/univeris/IGBPRODS.txt
    transactions destination file = C:/FVA/data/univeris/IGBTRANS.txt

    holdings source file =
    transactions source file =

    The path "C:/FVA/data/univeris" is read from a configuration file, so I
    have the script print the file names just so I can ensure the computed
    file names are correct (which they are).

    Of course, at the beginning of the script I have the following:
    use warnings "all";
    use File::Copy;

    What makes this especially puzzling is that I have similar code in
    another script, and it uses the same configuration file, and it works

    Any ideas as to what has gone awry, and how to fix it?


    Ted, Jul 12, 2006
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