Python 2.6, building SDL for Pygame


L. Lindstrom

I build the Pygame releases for Windows. Pygame wraps the Simple
Directmedia Layer (SDL) C library. I am doing preliminary research into
porting Pygame to Python 2.6. For Pythons 2.4 and 2.5 the Pygame
extension modules are built with MinGW. They link cleanly against
msvcr71.dll. A custom SDL, also linked to msvcr71.dll, is used. It is
built with Msys/MinGW using the configure/make tool chain.

For Python 2.6 I expect Visual Studio 2008 will be required to build the
Pygame extension modules. However, I am at a loss as to how to build SDL
so it also links against msvcr90.dll. Windows' side=by-side assemblies
get in the way. The Msys build process fails. The first test program
configure compiles and runs refuses to load msvcr90.dll. It raises an
R6034 error. How important is it that a C library uses the same C
run-time as the Python extension module that wraps it? If it is not
critical then the SDL library will just use msvcrt.dll for Pygame and
Python 2.6.


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