Question about SOAP/WSDL...




I have a general question about sending SOAP envelopes and how WSDL
files work within the context of an application. I'm a little bit
confused on how SOAP/WSDL works together.

I need to send a SOAP envelope in a certain format, and have been
provided with a WSDL file for the web service I need to send to, that
I have added as a web reference to my app. I then create the object
and call the web service function to send the information required.

My question - does using the WSDL file in my app inherently generate
the SOAP envelope in the correct format when the Web service function
is called? Do I need to create the SOAP envelope manually, or is that
what the WSDL is doing for me?

Along those lines - I need a http authentication header to go with the
SOAP envelope - is that created by using the Credentials object for
the web service?

Thanks for any help,


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