Receiving snmp traps in perl on Win platform?

Discussion in 'Perl' started by Dirk Van de moortel, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. {
    OOPS, posted this to moderated group perl.cpan.discuss as
    well, so it can take a while to get through, if it gets through at all
    Otherwise sorry for duplicate posting

    We need to set up a server 2003 (or a win XP system) to accept
    and act upon traps sent out from a storage system. Responding
    to various error conditions, this system can be fully configured to
    send traps.

    I am wondering what must be done on the trap-accepting side.

    I am fairly new to SNMP but I managed to install the NET::SNMP
    module from
    and use it to interrogate and manipulate a remote SNMP agent (SNMP
    service running on a XP-system), i.o.w. all the examples work.
    I can do get and sets, and I can send traps to the remote system.
    With a little utility like "SNMP Trap Watcher" I see the traps arriving.

    Now I would like to create a perl script on the remote system to
    listen for traps, and, at this point, to just show them on the console.
    The NET::SNMP module seems not to support this.

    I have been looking around I do find some examples of trap
    listeners, but they all seem to work on unit or Linux only.

    The module SNMP
    seems promising, but when I try to install it with ppm, I get
    ppm> install SNMP
    Install 'SNMP' version 0.0 in ActivePerl
    Error: error downloading '
    NetSNMP.tar.gz': 404 Not Found

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Dirk Vdm

    By the way, this might be of interest:
    ppm> rep describe 1
    Describing Active Repository 1:
    Name: ActiveState Package Repository
    Type: PPMServer 3.0
    ppm> rep describe 2
    Describing Active Repository 2:
    Name: uwinnipeg
    Type: Webpage
    ppm> search snmp
    Searching in Active Repositories
    1. Apache-WebSNMP [0.11] Apache-WebSNMP
    2. Net-SNMP [5.2] Net-SNMP
    3. Net-SNMP [5.2] Object oriented interface to SNMP
    4. Net-SNMP-alpha [3.9.6] Net-SNMP-alpha
    5. Net-SNMP-HostInfo [0.02] Net-SNMP-HostInfo
    6. Net-SNMP-Interfaces [1.2] Net-SNMP-Interfaces
    7. POE-Component-SNMP [0.01] POE-Component-SNMP
    8. SNMP [0.0]
    9. SNMP-BridgeQuery [0.58] SNMP-BridgeQuery
    10. SNMP-Effective [1] SNMP-Effective
    11. SNMP-MIB-Compiler [0.06] SNMP-MIB-Compiler
    12. SNMP-Persist [0.05] SNMP-Persist
    13. SNMP-Util [1.8] Snmp modules to perform snmp set,get,walk,next,walk_hash etc.
    Dirk Van de moortel, Jun 2, 2008
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  2. Got it.

    Dirk Vdm
    Dirk Van de moortel, Jun 4, 2008
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