Refarding 'pip install pygeoip'


Ferrous Cranus

Τη ΔευτέÏα, 18 ÎοεμβÏίου 2013 11:31:50 Ï€.μ. UTC+2,ο χÏήστης YBM έγÏαψε:
You are the one being rude, Nikos.

Moreover you are a nut, installing pygeoip works fine

for me:

# pip install pygeoip

Downloading/unpacking pygeoip

Downloading pygeoip-0.3.0.tar.gz (97Kb): 97Kb downloaded

Running egg_info for package pygeoip

Installing collected packages: pygeoip

Running install for pygeoip
Successfully installed pygeoip
Cleaning up...
you've probably completely messed up your system, as you
are completely incompetent as a UNIX/Linux admin and broke
your system.

No i haven't broke it at all.
Everything work as they should.

The refusal of 'pygeoip' to install turned out to be the local setting in my new VPS.

So i have changes it to:

export LANG = en_US.UTF-8

and then 'pip install pygeoip' was successful.

Trying to figure out how to install-setup EPEL repository along with python3 && python3-pip and 2 extra modules my script needed in my new VPS have costed 4-5 of my life and of my mental health, while if you just helped a bitthese would have been done in a couple of hours.

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