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Discussion in 'Python' started by David Mertz, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. David Mertz

    David Mertz Guest

    My first note on books to give away attracted some interest. I hope the
    readers of the dozen books I sent enjoy them.

    I have some unclaimed books still, and a few more titles that I walked
    all the way to the next room to locate. Actually, there are quite a few
    more that are antiquated enough that I'm not even going to try to give
    them away for free (anyone want some Delphi 2 books?). There are a few
    non-Python ones in here, but of overlapping interest.

    So the new list. Oh yeah, before the list: I also have a bunch more
    to-be-signed author copies of my own book (see
    for info, and the online version). But those are comparatively spendy
    (but well worth it, if I say so myself). The free books:

    Python Manual Pages (Dossier Press, no ISBN)
    Python Library Reference (ditto)
    Python Miscellanea (ditto)
    XML Pocket Guide
    Python Pocket Reference (1st ed)
    Visual Quickstart Guide Python
    The Quick Python Book
    Python and Tkinter
    Java Developer's Guid to Servlets and JSP
    Jython for Java Programmers
    Zope Bible
    Zope Web Application Development and Content Management
    Practical SQL Handbook
    Mastering Regular Expressions (1st ed)
    Python Essential Reference (1st ed)
    Python Standard Library
    XML Processing with Python
    Inside XML

    For the most part, I've asked folks to email me a check (US or Canadian
    funds only, sorry) for about US$5/book. But a few of those are extra
    thick, and a few extra thin, so ask me. That works out to book-rate
    shipping, a padded envelope, and maybe a buck or two extra for my
    effort. I'm happy to ship to far away places (if you can send local
    funds) but I'll have to check the shipping amount at my PO.

    Yours, David...
    David Mertz, Oct 18, 2003
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