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Discussion in 'Python' started by David Keeler, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. David Keeler

    David Keeler Guest

    I am relatively new to python. I've been reading online docs and
    tutorials for 4-5 weeks now, but I like actual books. I am not new to
    programming and I have worked with quite a few languages. I'd like a
    good reference with basic stuff including classes and maybe some web
    programming, sockets, tkinter, good explanation of classes and all that
    OO stuff. I want to work with version 3 since 3.2 was just released. Can
    anyone suggest a recent book that might fit the bill? I know what's
    available, at least on Amazon but am a little perplexed by the choices
    and reviews I've seen. I would greatly appreciate some help.

    David Keeler, Feb 23, 2011
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  2. David Keeler

    John Bokma Guest

    A book that I can't recommend enough is:

    Programming in Python 3. Make sure that you buy the 2nd edition.

    I also own "Dive into Python 3". Haven't read it yet, but I liked "Dive
    into Python" a lot, and I am sure that DiP3 is even better. I notice
    that Amazon has a "CreateSpace" edition (you can download DiP3 from the
    author's website). I own the APress edition.

    As for the reviews: Someone gave the 2nd edition of PiP3 3 stars because
    (s)he is upset that the 2nd edition came out shortly after the 1st
    edition. In general: some reviewers give bad reviews because of Amazon
    shipping late, shipping a damaged book, or just because they didn't do
    enough research and got the wrong book.

    I also like the "Python Essential Reference" a lot.
    John Bokma, Feb 23, 2011
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