Remember me in Login control.




Environment : 2.0 / C#

As you know, there is a "Remember me" check box in Login control is VS.NET
It allows you to get in the page without logging it if user closes browser,
instead of logging out.
It works...however, in the authenticate event, what if session is used?

For example,
In Login.aspx
Session("Test") = "Authentication is done".
e.Authenticated = true;

In Default.aspx.


Suppose that user log-in with checked "Remember me" , ...then it displays
"Authentication is done"....
Without explict logging out, user closes the browser, then revist the
default.aspx page..since the user has set the "Remember me", it won't ask the
login page, then load the Default.aspx....According to my testing, the
Session variable was null at this point...
It makes sense because session is lost when browser is closed..... do I make this working for "Remember me" scenario?
If an user checks the "Remember Me" checkbox, they can close the browser
without logging out, then revisit the page again without logging in
again....In this scenario(Remember me)...I guess I need to keep somehow the
Should I use something other than in-proc session state??
Any way I can work-around in in-proc session mode for this?





Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

If you kick the person to the login page, it should automatically cycle him
back to the page he desires. If you want a user to be remembered for full
session time, even if he drops his browser, you can move to SQL Server
sessions, but it will not remember him days from now and will lead you back
to do (a deer, a female deer ;->).

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