Request.ClientCertificate - 2.0 web service


Freddy Rios

Hi, I am having an issue accesing the ClientCertificate on an 2.0 web

The Context.Request.ClientCertificate property isn't being populated by In the Context.Request.ServerVariables collection, I can see the
subject and issuer of the certificate. I also verified that IIS is validating
the client certificate, testing with an invalid cert to check that it had to
be rejected.

Is there anything special to do to get the certificate? Is there an
alternate way to get the public key or have the certificate authorized (check
against allowed certificates) that allows me to have the check on code?. I
can't use wse, wcf or mapped certificate accounts on this.

I am not the only one with the issue: Meels Lilbox posted on the public

It seems weird to me that the only post on both newsgroup facing the same
issue was in the last week. Altough it might be a big coincidence, it does
points toward a new issue (perhaps a service pack, version of iis?).


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