RFID and Java Comm API

Discussion in 'Java' started by rfid, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. rfid

    rfid Guest

    Hi all,
    I bought TI low frequency evaluation kit which comes with S200 micro
    reader and bunch of transponders. The demo software provided by the TI
    works fine.
    I am using Comm API to read the tag. Now my problem is:
    1. when I run my code, it does not read the tag.
    2. When I first start the evaluation demo software, close it, and run my
    code, my program can read the tag data.
    3. The demo software has Line mode (which continuously sends the data to
    the PC), Single Mode (Which reads the tag just once), and Normal
    Mode(which reads tag when its moved within the field of the reader). When
    I run this demo, set the mode, and close it, and then run my program, the
    behaviour of my code is according to the last set mode in the demo

    All these situations are not desirable.
    Now the thing is, some signal has to be sent to the reader unit to so that
    it would charge the tag. I am not able to figure out how...
    If needed I will post the code, which is almost same as the
    SimpleRead.java available at sun's site.
    I sincerely request you to help me out .
    Thanks a lot
    rfid, Jan 18, 2005
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