rspec-2.6.0.rc2 is released!


David Chelimsky

We're releasing rspec-2.6.0.rc2 as a release candidate as there are some =
internal changes that we'd like to see put through their paces before =
doing a final release. Note that the changes I speak of are internal. =
There are no new deprecations in this release, nor any =
backward-incompatible changes.

There are, however, some new features that we're really excited about. =
Please do check it out and please do report any issues to the =
appropriate github issue tracker:

* [rspec-core](
* =
* [rspec-mocks](
* [rspec-rails](

### rspec-core-2.6.0.rc2

[full =

* Enhancements
* `shared_context` (Damian Nurzynski)
* extend groups matching specific metadata with:
* method definitions
* subject declarations
* let/let! declarations
* etc (anything you can do in a group)
* `its([:key])` works for any subject with #[]. (Peter Jaros)
* `treat_symbols_as_metadata_keys_with_true_values` (Myron Marston)
* Print a deprecation warning when you configure RSpec after defining
an example. All configuration should happen before any examples are
defined. (Myron Marston)
* Pass the exit status of a DRb run to the invoking process. This =
specs run via DRb to not just return true or false. (Ilkka =
* Refactoring of ConfigurationOptions#parse_options (Rodrigo Rosenfeld =
* Report excluded filters in runner output (tip from andyl)

* Bug fixes
* Don't stumble over an exception without a message (Hans Hasselberg)
* Remove non-ascii characters from comments that were choking rcov =
* Fixed backtrace so it doesn't include lines from before the autorun =
hook (Myron Marston)
* Include RSpec::Matchers when first example group is defined, rather
than just before running the examples. This works around an obscure
bug in ruby 1.9 that can cause infinite recursion. (Myron Marston)
* Don't send example_group_[started|finished] to formatters for empty =
* Get specs passing on jruby (Sidu Ponnappa)
* Fix bug where mixing nested groups and outer-level examples gave
unpredictable :line_number behavior (Artur Ma=C5=82ecki)
* Regexp.escape the argument to --example (tip from Elliot Winkler)
* Correctly pass/fail pending block with message expectations

### rspec-expectations-2.6.0.rc2

[full =

* Enhancments
* `change` matcher accepts Regexps (Robert Davis)
* better descriptions for have_xxx matchers (Magnus Bergmark)

* Bug fixes
* Removed non-ascii characters that were choking rcov (Geoffrey Byers)
* change matcher dups arrays and hashes so their before/after states =
can be
compared correctly.
* Fix the order of inclusion of RSpec::Matchers in
Test::Unit::TestCase and MiniTest::Unit::TestCase to prevent a
SystemStackError (Myron Marston)

### rspec-mocks-2.6.0.rc2

[full =

* Enhancements
* Add support for any_instance.stub and any_instance.should_receive =
Ponnappa and Andy Lindeman)

* Bug fixes
* fix bug in which multiple chains with shared messages ending in =
failed to return the correct value

### rspec-rails-2.6.0.rc2

[full =

* Enhancments
* rails 3 shortcuts for routing specs (Joe Fiorini)
* support nested resources in generators (Tim McEwan)
* require 'rspec/rails/mocks' to use `mock_model` without requiring =
the whole
rails framework

* Bug fixes
* fix typo in "rake spec:statsetup" (Curtis Schofield)
* expose named routes in anonymous controller specs (Andy Lindeman)
* error when generating namespaced scaffold resources (Andy Lindeman)


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