Server error 500 and app pool resets

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Michael H., Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Michael H.

    Michael H. Guest

    One of the customer facing websites at the company I work for has been
    locking up for awhile. To 'unlock' the server our support group has to
    restart the application pool for this application. I have done some research
    on the issue and added some additional logging and found that when this
    lockup occurs we are receiving a "Server Error 500" when our login page is
    calling an asp (legacy using remote scripting) page to check permissions and
    setup the user. I also found that when this lockup occurs it does not affect
    everyone; some people are still able to log in. I have looked at the users
    that generate errors and there is no connection between them. I have also
    verified that this happens when using secure and non-secure connections,
    appears to happen at random and could be once a day or once a month, and it
    continues until the application pool is reset.

    This issue has not always happened and prior to it starting there were no
    changes (that I'm aware of). Since it began the server has been setup again,
    we've tried seperate application pools, and we've even tried a different
    server (hardware) in case there was something odd going on with the hardware
    itself that might be causing the problem. I've spent a good bit of time
    looking at "Error 500" websites and so far I'm not finding anything that has
    helped or that has pointed us in the right direction.

    The server is a 64bit Windows 2003 R2 server. The website that locks up is
    an older web site that runs a mix of classic asp, javascript, and a few .net
    2.0 pages. We also use a fairly large amount of remote scripting and the site
    is heavily database driven.

    So to sum it up: we get "error 500" when our login page uses remote
    scripting to call functions from a different file. It doesn't happen to
    everyone. When it starts we have to restart the application pool to get it
    working properly again. No correlation between the users or connection
    (secure or non-secure). Server has been reconfigured and even replaced. The
    function being called when we get the error is not always the same.

    Sorry for the long post but wanted to try to give some information that
    might help provide answers. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly
    appreciated. Our goal is to try to isolate the issue to determine what is
    causing the error and hopefully find a way to resolve it.

    Michael H., Mar 2, 2010
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  2. Michael H.

    Bob Barrows Guest

    Bob Barrows, Mar 2, 2010
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  3. Michael H.

    Michael H. Guest

    Thanks for the response Bob. Unfortunately this is not a page that is viewed
    by the user. The 500 error occurs when the display page calls a page that is
    nothing but asp functions. It's the call to that second page that gets the
    error. We have extensive error handling in our application (contractual
    obligations) so the customer will never see any type of 'standard' error. I'm
    not even sure if removing our error handling would allow the error message to
    propagate back to the display. But even if that's the case we can't do it due
    to our contracts. If we had some way to force the error we might could do it
    off hours but even that would be risky.

    To add some more info to this, we had this error yesterday while I was in
    the office. While talking with our operations guy (they handle the physical
    servers) we started getting the 500 error, then we got this error:
    "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

    Object doesn't support this property or
    method: 'StartPageProcessing'

    After about 5 mins all of the errors went away and the web site started
    functioning properly. This was without any changes or any restarts of

    One last bit of info regarding this is the fact that we actually have two
    servers running this same code. One is at our HQ in AL and the other is at
    one of our data centers in TX. The site at HQ is the one that errors and the
    one in TX runs fine. However, the one in TX is just a back and is only used
    by a limited amount of people on a daily basis so the traffic is much less.
    Not sure if that has any impact but figured I would mention it.
    Michael H., Mar 5, 2010
  4. Michael H.

    Bob Barrows Guest

    Well, I'm not sure what you expect from us.
    Do your contractual obligations forbid any kind of error-logging? That is
    what I will typically do when I don't propogate errors back to the client.
    Runtime errors are impossible to debug if you simply discard them when they
    Bob Barrows, Mar 5, 2010
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