SHA512 Prediction percentage

Jul 22, 2022
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Hi, Guys.
I am totally new to programming. I have recently learning python.

Ok, I will get straight to the point.
My lecture have develop a betting website where he use his server for practice purposes.
This how it works.
The server have a seed code.
Each clients have their own seed codes.
Now, you kind of place a bet on the server. When the first 3 clients places the highest bets, the system takes all 3 clients seed codes and the server seed code and generate a sha512 code. Now that sha512 code have a certain betting percentage in it. E.g. 1.98x , 2.17x, 3.09x, 44.53x but different betting percentages

Game: it's a man running. You need to predict how far the man is running. Based on the percentages mention above.

That sha512 have the calculation percentage in it.

Now our task is, we need to develop a small program that can predict that percentage. It's part of our final exam.

How can I develop the program, to calculate the percentage in the sha512.

Unfortunately, I can't provide the link to the game because it only works on our university IP addresses and it ban for outside use.

I really need your help guys.

Thank you guys in advanced.

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