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Feb 12, 2023
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Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read me.
I'm the leader on an indie game project called Dust Runners, and we are hiring an assistant for our head dev.
I will go through a few things here, what the game is about, what the job entails, the team and timeline, and what the hours/compensation schemes are.
Finally, I will add contact details.


About the game:
The game is set in a near-futuristic, realistic (no zombies), postapocalyptic (man-made apocalypse, WWIII) world. To be precise, it's set roughly 30 to 50 years after the end of the conflict. The genre is a big blend of RPG, Japanase RPG (FF), roguelike, survival, party management and a few other things.
The player will lead a team of up to five survivors (with classes such as burnt-out-cop, camper, engineer etc.) and/or animals across a hex-tile, pixel art world and map. Fights and camping and exploration of instances take place in a theater where the characters are visible, and are animated.
The plot revolves around the fact that after a conflict that tore the Earth asunder and left but a few hundred thousands people alive, the mysterious and gigantic construction that is the Space Elevator is still standing...

Job requirements:
Here is what Sarah, our head dev, is looking for in an assistant:
-Game Development and C# Experience required, preferably in 2D
-Experience with object oriented programming and reading/structuring data
-Imaginative and logical mindset
-Able to work with other people's code, and write code that's easily readable by others
-Able to communicate effectively with developers and non-developers alike
-If not available, at least responsive ("can't, busy" is better than nothing)

About the team and timeline:
The timeline of development is roughly as follows; we get a demo ready and then set up a crowdfunding campaign. A lot of elements are already present as for the demo, and we really need to speed up development especially on the programming side.
We are a small team of international and indie enthusiast oscillating between 5 and 8 team members, depending on who's working and what's needed. We have amateurs and pros, and therefore, don't mind hiring a competent amateur.

Compensation and schedule:
The rate of pay is 14 euros an hour, no taxes (paid through Paypal), paid out of my pocket and through my salary. It is universal, and everyone gets the same (except for me, I don't get paid, but I will reap the totality of the gains when the game sells).
Expect to work few hours, between 6 and 12 hours a month (as I can't afford much more right now). However, if the crowdfunding goes well, hours WILL go up, and so should the pay (don't quote me on this but I intend to let everyone reach 20 euros an hour if possible).
Because this is a few hours work, we expect you to be able to stay with us in the long term and commit, or at least prepare your succession well if you intend to stay a set amount of time, or end up deciding to leave for whatever reason.
So far I have found my team to enjoy this set up and it makes for a good income complement.

If you find all this cool and dandy and are up to the task, here are our contact infos:
Discord for the game community: https://discord.gg/GasqE6D
My own Discord ID:
atome de chevre#8596

Find us, have a look, and let's talk!
Thanks again for your time,
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Jan 31, 2023
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I'd recommend initiating a partnership with some universities that offer apprenticeships to their students. A very good example would be here:

When hiring people, you might want to also consider running background checks on them. I found the site below that can help in running free criminal background checks:

Jul 29, 2023
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Nice to meet you.
I am a senior Software Engineer and I can work on your project.
Hope to discuss in more detail.
My email address: (e-mail address removed)
Thanks and Regards.

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