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Jan 6, 2023
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My name is Jeffery Tackett. I am an outreach coordinator in the state of Kentucky. I have vowed to serve the poor using technologies in our communities that we serve. It is a challenge to say the least, as most people remain fixed in the 70s in these mountains. Although we are making inroads in the homes and lives of the mountain people, and am at wits end. I have no idea about coding and the likes of such, however I am very conceptual.

We recently began an internet radio station using live365 as an outreach to the people, so they could stay informed of our services. Our package allowed for an IOS and Android App to be built in Firebase app. The notifications are lacking here. I am currently working with a company called onesignal to send notifications with our apps, as they are much more quick and modernized. I can not figure out how to connect onesignal notifications to our two developed app, any and all help would be much appreciated.
Mar 28, 2022
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I am an outreach coordinator
I have no idea about coding
I can not figure out how to connect Onesignal notifications to our two developed app
What you've communicated to me is that you're not the person(s) who developed your two apps; you are instead a user of those apps. The problem you appear to be expressing is likely best solved by one of those people.

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