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Please Note before reading this report.... President Bush Supports this
country with billions of dollars every year. If you doubt the
authenticity of this report you can visit the amnesty international web
site (the worlds largest and most respected human rights organization)
and find this press release which is labeled "05/10/2004
Israel/Occupied Territories: Excessive use of force"...Go to Amnestys
site and click on the library tab, then select "Israel" from the
country drop down list and you will find the link above listed on the


AI Index: MDE 15/095/2004 (Public)
News Service No: 247
5 October 2004

Israel/Occupied Territories: Excessive use of force
Amnesty International is concerned about the deterioration of the human
rights and humanitarian situation as a result of the Israeli army
incursion in the Jabaliya refugee camp and surrounding areas in the
northern Gaza Strip (including sectors in the nearby towns of Beit
Hanoun and Beit Lahiya).

In the past week (since the evening of Tuesday 28 September) more than
70 Palestinians have been killed, more than a third of whom were
unarmed and including some 20 children. Hundreds of others have been

The Israeli army has repeatedly used excessive force, including heavy
shelling from tanks and helicopter gunships. Experience has shown that
the use of such weapons and the manner in which they have been deployed
by the army in densely populated residential areas (the Jabaliya
refugee camp is one of the most densely populated places in the world,
with more than 100,000 Palestinians living in less than two square
kilometres), invariably results in a high rate of death and injury of
bystanders and people who are not involved in armed confrontation.
These tactics betray a lack of respect for fundamental human rights
principles, including the right to life.

In certain areas the Israeli army has also unlawfully destroyed or
damaged homes, schools, water and electricity networks, roads, and
other crucial infrastructure. Israeli forces have hindered access to
medical services -- not only for those injured in the military
operation but also those who need medical care for other reasons,
including women who need to give birth. When able to reach those in
need (they often cannot reach those in need of medical treatment)
ambulances have on several occasions come under Israeli army fire.

Strict closures have also been imposed throughout the Gaza Strip in the
past week, cutting the Gaza Strip into four isolated sections,
paralyzing all aspects of life, with people unable to reach their
workplace and students unable to reach the universities. In addition
schools in the area besieged by the Israeli army in the northern Gaza
Strip are closed. Thousands of people living in the besieged areas are
also experiencing shortages of food and other essential goods.

Amnesty International is calling on the Israeli authority to:

· put an immediate end to the use of excessive lethal force
· put an immediate end to unlawful destruction and damage of
Palestinian homes
and properties, roads and other infrastructure.
· allow immediate access to medical care and other essential services
for the
Palestinian population in the affected areas.
· respect the right to freedom of movement for the Palestinian
population elsewhere
in the Gaza Strip.

Amnesty International also calls on Palestinian armed groups not to
initiate attacks and armed confrontation with Israeli troops from
amongst residential areas, as this puts the local residents at risk of
return fire and retaliation from the Israeli army, and reiterates its
call on Palestinian armed groups to put an end to attacks directed
against Israeli civilians in Israel or in the Occupied Territories.

(Notice how Amnesty International (which is the worlds largest and most
respected human rights investigation group) deliberately refuses to
condemn Palestinians from attacking Israeli military or government
targets because they are fully aware of the true situation the
Palestinians are in).

That's it Mr Bush...Turn your blind eye again (50 years in a row
now)...tell the Israeli's they are being a bit too naughty and pay
the Palestinian state idea a bit of lip service and sit on the
fence...and people wont notice you are actually supporting an
oppressive state.

Is it any wonder why America is being targeted by terrorists when
America gives around 50% $Billions of its annual foreign aid to this
country that has one of the worst human rights records on the planet.

Fact!...The real reason America supports Israel is because the
Evangelical Christian Movements belief is that Israels existence is
clearing the way for the second coming of Jesus in the holy land..
Politicians want their votes because they are a huge percentage of
voters in America, and upsetting this group would mean risking loosing
the all comes down to supporting whoever wins you the
election and nothing what so ever to do with supporting human rights
and justice in the world..

To the passerby it seems as though the Palestine/Israel conflict is a
conflict of two least that's the way the media often
portrays it. This is true to some can always find war
criminals on both sides of any world conflict.....I myself have in the
past lived and worked in many parts of the west bank, Palestine, and
Israel for a number of years and felt compelled to write this article
for the benefit of all those concerned.

The reason i am posting this letter is that i hope somebody of
influence reading it will take my suggestion and act on it.

There is no doubt that when watching the news on the conflict most
viewers are left with the impression "It's a war of two
sides"......and this is the the general public a
TRUE picture of what is happening is impossible due to both sides
continually playing the blame game in the media refusing to see the
sufferings of the other side.....result:...people are left with the
impression, "I guess they are probably as bad as each other"...This
statement is not completely untrue....nobody can justify the murder of
Israeli children by the use of a suicide bomber nor can Israel justify
the state murder of hundreds of Palestinian children each year and call
it self defense against terrorism. Like I said before, there are always
war crimes on both sides of every conflict. But what stands out the
most about this conflict is the disturbingly unbalanced body count
figures published annually by the UN. Year after year the Israeli
military is killing 4 times more people than casualtys caused by
Palestinian violence.

Instead of Palestinian organizations putting up posters and flyers
stating "apartied - bring down the wall etc"......why not focus PR
campaigns to include the most UNARGUABLE FACTS!.....This and only this
will turn heads and change public opinion for the better...forget the
injustices and sentiment for a minute and focus on what will win the
hearts and minds of the masses...UNARGUABLE FACTS that relate to the
values of all people.

I am not up to date with the latest body count figures but i am
informed that UN recent figures state a ratio of aprox 3-5 dead
Palestinians to every Israeli, and year after year this ratio

When you consider that Israel is as well armed technologically as
the Americans, and that the Palestinians are....well lets just
say....slingshots made out of coca cola cans and the odd AK47 and home
made mortar don't do too much damage to a squadron of apache
helicopter gunships supplied by America.

With the above in mind, a rational person will tell you that if two
Unequally armed armies clash in a battle: The WORST CASE SENARIO is
that the most well armed side will suffer equal losses to that which it
inflicts....In such a scenario, at best a case of "SELF DEFENCE" and
"Minimum Force Necessary" might be claimed...but this scenario is
very rare and unlikely in warfare and only comes about when the
dominant army makes a serious strategic error.

If you found an adult dressed in armour holding high tech weapons
standing in a room with four dead children with pea shooters laying at
his feet and he told you he was forced to defend himself...would you
accept this?

When Israel is killing Palestinians at a ratio of approximately for
times as many and they are far better armed how can they seriously
claim self defense against terrorism???.....I was always taught that in
order to take the moral high ground and claim self defense you must use
the "Minimum Force Necessary"..Do these figures speak "Minimum
Force Necessary"???

In the civilized world, when a government is faced with a hostile
force the police are called in to form a barricade, if this proves
insufficient to keep the peace water cannons are used, then onto tear
gas, and if this still is not enough to control rioters the police may
use rubber bullets to disable there targets. In the extreme case police
may resort to live bullets and shoot at the legs...and in the extremely
rare case when this may fail to stop the most determined
opponent...shoot to kill if life is directly threatened. (This is the
definition of "Minimum force Necessary"

In Israel when a Palestinian attack takes place, the Israeli Policy
is to punish all Palestinians instead of targeting the few
responsible. All Palestinian towns and villages are put under curfew
and soldiers are given orders to shoot anybody seen walking the
streets. The familys of those responsible for attacks will have their
homes bulldozed as a deterent. As well as this the Israeli military
orders strikes with casualty figures in excess of those received and in
turn the Palestinians return a strike and the cycle of violence
continues with both sides making statements like "our attack was in
response to their attack". Which side is acting in self defence to an
attack received depends on your perspective.

In one recent year there were around 400 Israelis killed by Palestinian
militants. This is indeed a tragedy, however it is dwarfed by the fact
that an equal number of Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in
the same period all of whom were children under the age of ten.
(categorized as terrorists by Isreal) and guilty of nothing more than
throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers.

I'm not sure how to put the above argument all in one nicely
designed poster and flyer, but if you can I think it would have a real
impact, my proposal is this:

1. State UNARGUABLE unbiased reputable source figures (like the UN),

2. State a worst case scenario argument.
3. Close with the question: "Are these the figures of a country in self
defense against terrorism or is this genocide?"

The above ingrediance address the issues in a simplistic easy to
understand way for those with no background knowledge of the conflict
and also leaves little room for a counter argument response from pro
Israel groups. The truth always hurts the most.

Stating Logic & Truth, and backing it up with UN Statistics is the
way to turn it up in every tube station and rail station
north to south, and give out thousands of flyers with this argument in
print ....i believe it will not fail to win the hearts and minds of the

I am not in contact with any pro Palestinian organizations but would
much appreciate it if readers can forward this idea to every campaign
office they know and also to the appropriate local and national
government office and any media/magazine/newsgroup address you can get
your hands on....i would love to see it posted from north to south.

To any Americans reading this article, you should be aware that your
government supports the state of Israel with billions of dollars of aid
each year ( approximately 50% of your foreign aid budget diverted from
people truly in need) because it is claimed "Israel is the only
democracy in the middle east", Israel is a democracy only by name but
far away from it in nature, the figures speak the truth. Please write a
letter to your senator and president asking him if these are the
figures of a democratic government in the Middle East, and hopefully
with a change in America's policy towards the middle east we can
start to see a reduction in the feelings of resentment towards America
in the muslim world.

When the world trade center was targeted on September 11th, America
was told the reason for it was that "These terrorists are fighting
against freedom itself", Ask yourself this.....If you were to
interview any of the Sept 11th bombers do you really believe they would
tell you they hate freedom?, is there anybody in the world who will
tell you they hate freedom?....No is the simple answer.....Or is it
more likely that these people or members of there family have in
someway been victims of Americas middle east policy's which have
filled them with misguided resentment and hate towards all
Americans?...........Your government would prefer you to think that
these people just wake up in the morning and feel like killing
civilians for no reason other than they hate people being free.

In my travels across the middle east prior to Sept 11th , I had the
opportunity to ask many muslims why they are so angry towards America,
the response was always the same again and again.....ISRAEL IS
OPPRESSING OUR FELLOW MUSLIMS!..and America is supporting their human
rights abuses with financial and military support........

For Fifty years now the United Nations has declared that Israel has
stolen and is illegally occupying the Palestinians land and that
Jerusalem is an illegally occupied city and the vast majority of
countries around the world support this view and call for Israel to
withdraw itself from Palestinian land year after year (accept America).
The American government has been ignoring this international ruling by
the UN for 50 years in a row despite the fact that the largest human
rights organization in the world Amnesty international condemns Israel
every year as having one of the worst human rights records on the
planet. America turns a blind eye again, fifty years in a row now......

After the Sept 11th terrorist attack the American government chose
to solve this age old dispute by launching bombs, and in the process
has killed dozens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers who were simply
obeying orders to defend there country, as would any American. And
today the body count has reached over 1000 American soldiers killed and
rising fast, just under 6000 injured, and of course you have at least
another ten thousand dead Iraqi civilians to date and that's after
the major assault on Iraq had ended.

When confronted by any problem, there are always two ways to solve
it..The intelligent way or the primitive impulsive monkey way

1) With brute force and aggression (launch operation shock and ore on
Iraq and Afghanistan)...forgetting the philosophy that every action has
a reaction and sending the message America is not taking any
responsibility for its middle east policys of support for Israel and
infuriating the muslim world even more and setting America up for even
more future Sept 11th bombings and helping terrorist organizations to
recruit many more fighters.
2) Or the intelligent way, which is to look at the root cause of why
your attacker is angry and if necessary defuse the problem from its
source as well as stopping the cycle of violence.

Sadly George Bush chose the impulsive way. And has only made American
citizens even more vulnerable. How many people do you think there are
at this very moment plotting to strike American soil because of the
attack on Iraq?, The answer is plenty more than there were before Sept
11th, some will be stopped, but as in the case of Israels lesson.
It's impossible to stop them all. Especially when the bombers are
prepared to die to reach their targets.

If America is a truly democratic country, then it should respect the
views of the UN and the vast majority of the world in regard to
Israel....The world has voted in regard to Israel, Its time to listen
to the result.



"I tell you that security is a major pillar of human life. Free men
do not renounce their security, irrespective of (US President George W)
Bush's claims that we hate freedom"

"I swear we never thought of attacking the towers, but when we saw
the injustice and arbitrariness of the US-Israeli alliance against our
brethren in Palestine and Lebanon, it became too much and the idea came
to me."

"The events that affected me directly go back to 1982 ... when
America gave the Israelis the green light to invade Lebanon, with the
backing of the US Sixth Fleet. It is difficult to describe what I felt
in these painful moments, but it created an overwhelming feeling of
refusal of injustice and a compelling determination to punish the
unjust. As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me
that the unjust should suffer the same, that the towers in America must
be destroyed so that America gets a taste of what we went through, so
that it will stop killing our children and women"

Your security is not in the hands of (Democratic presidential
candidate) John Kerry, Bush or Al-Qaeda. Your security is in your own
hands. Any (presidential) mandate which does not play havoc with our
security would automatically ensure its own security."

PLEASE NOTE: I in no way condone the actions of September the 11th or
Palestinian attacks on civilians.....this article was written to point
out the huge imbalance of acts of violence and Americas miss guided
middle east policy and the consequences it has brought on the world.

A FINAL NOTE:......The Israeli position in regards to peace is
"surrender to our will and occupation or its war" Israel believes
that the Jews have a religious right to take over Palestinian land
because the Jews occupied this piece of land some 2000 years ago. If
the world were to operate around these rules the British would have a
right to invade and take back America because the British used to
occupy America only a few hundred years ago...and of course would
punish any American terrorists who have a problem with that. The
Israeli government say they are all for peace negotiations and are
prepared to talk about withdrawal from Palestinian land. At the same
time, the government is spending millions building new Israeli housing
settlements on Palestinian land.....If Israel has the intention to
withdraw...would they still be spending millions on new building
developments only to have to abandon them later???....I think this is
what George Bush would call a "no brainer". Israel Has built these
settlements because they can use this as a bargaining chip in
negotiating a settlement...... saying it is not reasonable to ask so
many Israelis to leave their new homes. Plain and simply it is an
illegal land grab and has been ruled illegal internationally.

The Palestinian position is the request that the UN resolutions that
have already been voted for by the international community are upheld
and the Israeli government be forced by UN sanctions to withdraw their
troops back into their own borders and land given to them by the UN
(Is this not a peaceful and reasonable request when all Palestinians
are asking for is that international law and voting be upheld?)
........Once again like with the Iraq war the American government has
ignored these UN rulings and only follows the rules of the UN when they
feel like it....A very dangerous example to set for the international
community. Why should other countries obey the UN when those with great
power don't?

If you have mass mailing software please put it to good use and mass
mail the Christian evangelical movement, pro Palestine campaign groups,
government lobbying groups, and media. I give my full permission for
this article to be published and distributed free of charge for both
profit or campaigning reasons.

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