I need some help on a format issue that should be simple for someone here (but not me!)

Jun 23, 2023
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So here is the background. I have an F150 with sync media center that uses QNX as its programming. I modified it and there are numerous programs that allow you to put customization into it. I’m having a lot of trouble with the syntax of this one.

The one I am trying to install eliminates an error message that every time I plug in my AirPods to charge, it has a pop-up saying, “unsupported USB device”. This occurs every few minutes across the screen, and has to be cleared out to see past it, which gets very irritating throughout a drive.

In this program, it says I must install my HID/PID (which I found) in the two separate files. I’ve tried multiple combinations and have had no success. I believe I am just putting it in the wrong order or missing something simple. Please see the coding below and offer any help if you are familiar with it.

My HID/PID info from the AirPods case (hardware ID's):

Here was my two original codes from the mod file:

Allowed Hubs:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<hub vid="0x2996" pid="0x0118" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="MY17MCM" />
<hub vid="0x2996" pid="0x0119" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="MY17MCM (1+1)" />
<hub vid="0x2996" pid="0x011A" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="MY17MCM (1+SD)" />
<hub vid="0x2996" pid="0x0146" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="MY21MCM (1+1)" />
<hub vid="0x042f" pid="0x0501" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="Molex 2USB Hub" />
<hub vid="0x042f" pid="0x0502" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="Molex Embedded Hub" />
<hub vid="0x042f" pid="0x0503" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="Molex 1+1 Hub" />
<hub vid="0x042f" pid="0x0600" dio_port="2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="Carplay port" />

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<allowed_hubs num="7">
<hub1 vid="0x2996" pid="0x0118" dio_port="2" description="MY17MCM Aptiv" />
<hub2 vid="0x2996" pid="0x0119" dio_port="2" description="MY17MCM Aptiv (1+1)" />
<hub3 vid="0x2996" pid="0x0146" dio_port="2" description="MY21MCM Aptiv (1+1)" />
<hub4 vid="0x0559" pid="0x6560" dio_port="2" description="MY18.5 Molex FPGA HUB" />
<hub5 vid="0x042f" pid="0x0501" dio_port="2" description="MY18.5 Molex 2USB HUB" />
<hub6 vid="0x042f" pid="0x0502" dio_port="2" description="MY19 Molex Embedded HUB" />
<hub7 vid="0x042f" pid="0x0503" dio_port="2" description="MY19 Molex 1+1 HUB" />

I added this right above the "<allowed_hubs>" on allowed_hubs:
<hub vid="0x05AC" pid="0x1393" dio_port"2" upstreamport1="2" upstreamport2="3" description="Airpod Case" />

I did this same process to the carplay_allowed_hubs but with these changes:
Added: <hub8 vid="0x05AC" pid="0x1393" dio_port"2" description="Airpod Case" />
<allowed_hubs num="7"> went to <allowed_hubs num="8">

This still did not work. Am I to copy the allowed hubs format to the other file or what gives? I know there are two ports above each other but I don't believe the location has anything to do with it. Someone has to be able to help me please.

I also tried adding two lines of code with the different PID's of 1393 and 0139 since the one gave two values with the "&" in between. Changed allowed number to 9. No luck there either.

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