Speech Recognition for Neural diseases Persons


Jorgen Grahn

I'd just like to applaud how reasonable and polite this answer was.

Thanks. It wasn't hard to write. And it helped that I had read some
of the other replies first ... I might just as well have written in
nasty mode otherwise.
I personally find newsgroups preferable to the forums and am dismayed at
the decline in usenet use, particularly groups like this one.

I think that if the OP had phrased his/her question as "Are there any C++
libraries for speech analysis that I'm not finding via Google", we could
all agree that it would be a reasonably on topic post.

Now maybe the guy goes on to have a successful career as a c++
developer. A polite and reasonable response here is going to increase
the probability that he/she remains a participant in the group.

If polite pointing-in-the-right-direction fails, I think censure and
ridicule might be defensible, but I think it was overdone here. The
group is not alt.vent.your.frustration after all.

I basically agree with all that.



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