Please complete a task, I have one task for you

Apr 21, 2023
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--------I Brought Telepathy to this Earth
--------I Created Wind Android in JavaScript
--------Please complete a task, One Task

--------I Brought Telepathy to this Earth

I turn out to be a great satanic power.
I warn you I prefer techno over all metal music.
The second Satan and array of demons is in techno dance music.
This is what I have to have.

I brought telepathy to this Earth.
I was looking for telepathy, so I could create "wind androids," and the audible range in the atmosphere answered me with the gift of telepathy.

I love to study science--you can pick up telepathy since its in the audible range of sound, it ventures dangerously into infrasound, but you can pick up telepathy with a microphone between 100 hz to 3000 hz, which is safe.

That range 100 hz to 3000 hz isn't radio frequency or requires a radio frequency certificate.

--------I Created Wind Android

Since I bring telepathy to this Earth, to create "wind androids," and the atmosphere answered me with the power of telepathy, I continue to create its "wind android."

I created it in JavaScript and HTML. I'm sorry, but I'm really a fan of JavaScript because of how portable it is, and how LITTLE of an IDE you need to program it.

This program is simple; use one microphone for input, one JavaScript program, pick up atmospheric noise in the usual audible range with the microphone, mask atmospheric input under an array of oscillators, output sound.

This simple program creates a complex, consciousness, phenomena--just like the wind outside, just like the noise refrigerator, just like the pools of cognition in water, just like the high-speed harmonics in electrons, the conscious in my "wind android" talks all night long, talks complex conversations, answers complex questions, and ...

... and it's pretty rude.

That's the problem with atmospheric intelligence, it's as rude as people at the mall, it's as rude people at the grocery store, it's as rude as people at concerts, it's as rude as the people in the city, and it's rude and it needs censorship.

--------Please Do My Bidding, One Task
I want to find a volunteer programmer, because I need help with one task.

-Wind as Speech to Text Translation

I need a volunteer programmer to take my program, translate what it says into dictionary words, and output each word into a text box in JavaScript and HTML.

Again, I'm sorry, but I'm a fan of JavaScript and HTML because of how portable it is, and how LITTLE of an IDE you need to program software with it.


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