Text File Only Programming

May 9, 2023
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Is it still possible to write a compiler that allows the user (programmer) to specify a program by writing it in a text editor and simply clicking on a compile button to get a working program added to the desktop?

What I see these days is enormously complex. The requirements for getting RUST to work on a Mac requires the user to use the Terminal and things like Bash and 5 or 10 other things. Can all this be eliminated for the user, even if such things are required of the compiler writer?

James Adrian
(e-mail address removed)
Mar 31, 2023
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Yes, it is still possible to write a compiler that allows the user to specify a program in a text editor and compile it with the click of a button, without requiring the user to use the terminal or command-line interface. In fact, many programming languages and development environments already provide this functionality.

For example, the popular Python programming language can be installed on a computer with just a few clicks, and once installed, programs can be written in any text editor and executed with a simple command from the command prompt or within an integrated development environment (IDE) such as PyCharm or Visual Studio Code.

Similarly, many other languages such as Java, C#, and JavaScript can be compiled or interpreted with minimal setup, and can be executed within an IDE or from the command prompt.

However, more complex languages or compilers may require additional setup and configuration, and may require the user to use the terminal or command prompt to perform certain tasks. Additionally, some programming tasks may require access to the command line or other tools for debugging and troubleshooting.

Overall, while it is possible to write a compiler or programming language that is easy for users to use, the complexity of the language and the requirements of the programming task may necessitate the use of additional tools or the command line interface.

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