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Steven D'Aprano

The TIOBE programming community index has some interesting data this


* The top three languages, C, C++ and Java between them have a combined
rating approaching 50%;

* Python has increased popularity over the last year, from position #7 to
#6, with more than a 5% rating;

* Ruby has remained steady at position 11 over the last year;

* But Perl has dropped from #6 to #9;

* Much to my happy surprise, Pascal and Delphi are both in the top
twenty, at positions 16 and 10 respectively;

* Despite the extremely high profile of Lisp and Scheme on discussion
lists, it only manages to reach position 23 on the TIOBE index.

This should put to rest the fears of certain people that Python is being
abandoned in droves for Ruby. Now they can complain that we're not doing
enough to overthrow the harsh tyranny of Java and C.


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