TreeView control - synchronizing changes to data source




I have a problem with the treeview control. My scenario is the

I have an 2.0 (C#) web application with different tabs defined
in a sitemap. I have an admin page that admin users will be able to
modify in what order the tabs will be displayed and also add new tabs.

Currently I'm using a TreeView control and an XmlDataSource that points
to the web.sitemap . My problem is that after I add nodes and/or move
around nodes in the treeview, I haven't found a way of updating the
changes to the XmlDataSource so I can write all the changes either back
to the web.sitemap or another file. If I get the XMlDocument from the
XmlDataSource, it doesn't have my modified/added nodes, only how the
web.sitemap looked like when I first went to the page.

I have only been able to get it to work if I get the XmlDoucument and
from the XmlDataSource and makes changes to it like this:

XmlDocument doc = XmlDataSource1.GetXmlDocument();
XmlNode node =

node.InnerText = "new changes";


It would be pretty messy to have to iterate through all the tree nodes
in the TreeView and update the XmlDataSource when I want to save all

Is there an easier way to be able to get the changes to synchronize
from the TreeControl to the XmlDataSource (or SiteMapDataSource)?



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