How to save a TreeView ?



Hi Experts:

I'm using ASP.NET 2.0. I'm using a TreeView control with a design-time
configured XmlDataSource (an XML file). I use the TreeView control as a
"message board" with each node representing a message. I noticed that the
TreeView loads alright from the XML file but did not save anything. I call
the TreeView.Save() for each new node added into the TreeView. What I'm
missing here?

Thanks in advance!






I don't see a Save on either the TreeView or TreeNode controls. I do not
believe that the default TreeView has this functionality.

The XmlDataSource object does have a Save method, however. I would suggest
that when a TreeNode is added, removed or changed, that you capture those
events and update the XmlDataSource accordingly. You may wish to rebind the
control as well after making changes.

This article lists some code for the TreeView SelectedNodeChanged event:

Hope this helps,


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