why no scrollbars on my treeview?



i'm creating a composite control that includes an asp treeview control. i'm
using the treeview to display the contents of an xml file (via an
xmldatasource control). since this is a composite control, i create all the
child controls programatically where i specify the height and width and
other properties. the control works for the most part - the only problem
being the treeview always displays the entire file regardless of the height
set at creation. ie: the height of the treeview is changed so that it is big
enough to display all the xml whether it has to shrink or get bigger. no
scrollbars ever appear nor is there a property to display or not display the
scrollbars. what's going on? why isn't the treeview showing scrollbars like
every other control does in this same situation?

i'm seeing this in Firefox but IE doesn't work either. any help appreciated.


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