triggering rollback manually-what methods should i use???

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Greg Hauptmann, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. hi

    Q1. If I want to manually trigger a DB transaction roleback
    progrmatically what approach/methods should I use?

    Q2. Also if in the transactions I use multiple models, should I start
    the transaction by (a) choosing one of the models & going
    <model>.transaction do, or (b) use some other generic DB transaction
    method (ie no model namc)?

    * upload of records from file
    * want to try each one re loading into DB, then collect errors in
    array for those that fail
    * then at end want to:
    (a) roll back everything , but also
    (b) overall method should NOT raise exception (ie why I want to
    trigger rollback without relying on an exception to do this


    Greg Hauptmann, Jan 8, 2009
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  2. Greg Hauptmann

    Roger Pack Guest

    If it's straight mysql it's something like

    If it's rails then I know raising causes one, not sure of others.
    google rails how to rollback without raise
    Roger Pack, Jan 8, 2009
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