upload and download files ASP.NET C# IIS7

May 3, 2011
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My requirement is, User uploads an excel file, i need to process that excel and store required info in DB and create new excel with required data for user on his computer.

I used fileupload control. I have created a folder in my application to store uploaded files. Once the user uploaded a file, i am taking that file and storing it in my application folder. Then I am processing it.

Now my user needs to save new excel file on his computer. For this, i provided a textbox for user to enter path where to store the new file.

everything is fine while running in VWD. But when i am running website using IIS7, i got few probs.

1) fileupload error: User has no access to create a file in my application folders.

2) IIS says destination directory does not exist. Because IIS cannot read the directory path on client computer.

I think both are some authentication issues.

Please guide me on this. If you have the other way in doing this please suggest



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